Dyslexia Advocacy Group

                                                                   of the Carolinas

IEP and Advocacy Specialist

Welcome to Dyslexia Advocacy Group of the Carolinas

Our mission is to shine a light on dyslexia. We educate and provide supportive services for parents, guardians, and educators of dyslexic students.  We work to identify dyslexic students and help them obtain the tutoring and remediation services needed for success both in and outside the classroom.  Dyslexia advocacy Group’s primary goal is the well being of students with dyslexia. We want them to understand their many gifts and talents. By teaching them to embrace dyslexia we open the doors to self discovery as well as give them the lifelong gift of a positive self awareness.  Since 2015 D.A.G. of the Carolinas has worked with parents and school systems to develop programs and interventions for students with dyslexia. We’ve lobbied on behalf of families in the state of North Carolina for the passing of House Bill 149, which has resulted in North Carolina's first dyslexia law.  We have hosted awareness events at local libraries, schools, and universities in an effort to educate the community on dyslexia.